"Hard times are coming…We will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now. What if we could see through our fear stricken society to other ways of being and imagine some real grounds for hope?"

Ursula K. Le Guin

Deadline Extended to June 30th

$500 Cash Prizes - Short Story, Essay, Graphic Story

Writers, Central Vermont needs your help to create a new kind of story!

The Sustainable Montpelier Coalition is inviting writers and graphic artists of all ages to imagine what Central Vermont will be like in the year 2047. This world won't be darkly dystopian: rather, it will describe innovative solutions, for how the people of this region dealt with the ever growing effects of climate change and the after-effects of Covid-19. What if a 12-foot snowstorm cut off power and transportation? How would we recover from a massive drought or a terrible flood? What if there were another pandemic? What would neighbors do for neighbors if public services were not available?

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Winning entrants will take home $500


Through the written word and graphic narrative, you can help change the future. Your creative ideas can serve as a model for Montpelier and surrounding towns.

Your inspiring fiction, considered essay or imaginative graphic story will focus on one day in the future in a climate-changed Central Vermont. You will take the reader through time to a certain day (of your choosing) in 2047. With brevity and clarity, you'll imagine what that day looks and feels like. You'll offer a vision of innovations or responses that might have emerged between now and then. These imagined solutions will be both plausible and useful here in Central Vermont.

We hope your ideas can inspire the whole community.

Without a vision, the people will perish.

Proverbs 29:18



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